Ryder’s Top Tech Challenge – VR Experience



We all know how challenging it is to make tangible a service or moving huge products such as trucks, or bringing a maintenance facility to a remote location, such as an event venue. There are usually space and time limitations, aside from the super high costs associated with it. This is a common issue in the supply chain, transportation, maintenance and logistics industry. To overcome this problem Ryder chose Virtual Reality.

Ryder, is a leading provider of solutions to efficiently manage supply chains and truck fleets of trucks. Its Leasing & Maintenance division partnered with Virtual bird to take their current and potential clients on an immersive virtual experience.

Ryder’s VR experience is called: “Ryder’s Top Tech Challenge”. This VR simulator challenges any non-technical person to accomplish simple inspection tasks on one of its popular truck models. The app launched during CES (Consumer Electronics Show) conference in Las Vegas few weeks ago and had the objective to showcase through VR gamification what technicians handle on the job every day at over 800 service centers throughout North America. Users could interact with tools and truck components to complete the inspection process while being challenged to finish it in the shortest amount of time.

Ryder will expand this exciting VR experience to other corporate facilities, events and roadshows   during 2019. This is the first step of a multi-level VR experience that Ryder will continue to develop, including employee training and enablement especially for those tasks and jobs with hazardous activities such as: high voltage, extreme temperatures, flammables and chemicals, high rise, machinery, etc. “Showcasing our services to potential clients and training thousands of employees in the USA and Worldwide has always been a big challenge, with VR we are making a huge step forward”

Virtual Reality will definitely help Ryder overcome many of these challenges, while improving their overall training and safety stats.

To learn more about Ryder Fleet Maintenance Solutions please visit: https://ryder.com/solutions/fleet-maintenance


Platforms supported: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go.

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